Write Before Thinking, Is It Right or Is It Wrong?

Write Before Thinking, Is It Right or Is It Wrong?

Honestly speaking, I enjoy reading articles on Medium a lot and there’s a time that I feel like it’s time for me to share my thoughts with everyone. You may find my previous two posts about “PosCreActive” and response to song lyrics.

I have been planning on writing an article two times a week after publishing my first work (i.e. “PosCreActive”). At the end of the day, I failed to do so because I procrastinated a lot and gave so many excuses to myself.

Most of the time, I wrote posts on my private Tumblr account, but the content is nothing more than something personal. I found it unhealthy because I am writing to let myself express my emotions instead of doing it productively for the other readers in the social media community. I really love writing but I feel like my grammar sucks and English is not my first language.

Not until I saw a post on Pinterest today, I decided to (at least) try writing an article every week for one single reason - I WANT TO BE A WRITER.

So, maybe it’s time for me to take action to reach my goal, at the same time, improve my English, and stop procrastinating.

As the Pinterest post I saw told me, here are some objectives that I have to keep in mind when I am writing (modified some points mentioned on that Pinterest post to fit my personal writing habit):

  1. Ignore your inner critic - true that I am too judgmental to myself and always criticize my work before others criticize it.
  2. Write first, edit later - the top thing I have to remind myself every time I write as this is always my concern.
  3. Keep learning - my way is to buy books on how to improve my writing and improve English, refer to it when I am editing it after publishing my post (objective 2: write first, edit later). Ask for comments from the writers’ community after publishing.
  4. Make time to write every week - as previously said.
  5. Get published - publish it on Medium, then on my WordPress account.
  6. Be me: remind myself that no one writes quite like me - don’t afraid of criticism from the online community, but do take in the constructive comments and improve myself. Only I know the best. Write something that interests me, myself as a reader.
  7. Try something new: experiment with a different genre - do think of some creative and interesting topics that can help improve my creativity. I don’t like writing fiction as I don’t really read much fiction. Topics on self-help, creativity, and daily life will be my direction.
  8. Have fun and enjoy being a writer - yeah, because I know many people are doing it with stress, which is definitely not what I want. Don’t stress me out.
  9. Develop an author platform: social media, website, blog - (1) publish on Medium, (2) publish on my WordPress account, (3) develop my own webpage by Wix
  10. Set goals: “A goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline” - as earlier mentioned, I WANT TO BE A WRITER. This is my goal and all the above objectives are my plans. For the deadline, I have started my journey of being a writer once I press the submit button (it’s submitted when you saw this post!).

Here is to recall the main point again: I will start writing an article every week. If I have more time, I will write more than one article every week. This is my first post and I hope whoever happens to read this post can support me doing this. And somehow, although this post is something very personal about telling myself to start writing, I wish that I can motivate you to do the same/similar if you have the same problem as I do - i.e. Procrastination & Too many excuses before taking action.

Write before thinking, is it right or wrong? There’s no right or wrong of publishing an article here/online as you do this because you want to do this; You don’t do this for pleasing others (well, maybe some others do, but at least that isn’t me).

Don’t build yourself constraints, build yourself bubbles of imagination and stairs to goals.

The first step to being a writer is to publish this post right now!




A creator & curator, writing about life hacks & lessons for a chill life. Follow more articles at threechillbees.com

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Three Chillbees

Three Chillbees

A creator & curator, writing about life hacks & lessons for a chill life. Follow more articles at threechillbees.com

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